The Meaning of Gorgeous Flowers

Flowers are incredible natural beings. They are delightful and emitting delicious fragrances much to everyone’s delight. But flowers also carry deep meanings to let you speak your heart louder than words can do. The meaning of your favorite blooms is a key consideration when choosing a floral gift with global flower delivery

When selecting a bouquet, the first instinct is to pick the variety to fit their taste. You want flowers and plants that look and smell pretty. However, flowers are heavy with wonderful meanings. Find out what each means and express yourself by sending a bouquet to your loved one. Check out the symbolism of the most popular fresh blooms to express exactly what you mean and never get misconstrued. 

Meaning of Lotus 

In many Asian countries, lotus flowers are linked with rebirth, self-improvement, discovery, enlightenment, and freedom from the negative stuff. These wondrous flowers naturally grow amid the mud. These marvelous plants are exceedingly beautiful, and they re-bloom every morning after a cold, dark night.

Lily for Purity, Wealth, Gratitude and Pride 

Different colours will carry different messages. White lilies are the tokens of purity, pink flowers are linked with wealth. Red ones express devotion and passion, orange species bear a meaning of pride, and yellow blooms denote gratitude. A bunch of fresh lilies is unbeatable in terms of cheerfulness and appeal. But these darlings also have a vivid symbolism.

Iris and Power 

Thanks to their astonishingly rich blue color, iris flowers have always symbolized royalty, power, and influence (as befits royal families). Along with that, iris blossoms also stand for wisdom, valor, trust, respect, eloquence. Make sure you include these flowering perennials in a floral arrangement for your wife or girlfriend. By doing so, you will tell her that she is a queen of your heart!

The Many Symbols of Daisies 

Due to its vibrant and cheerful nature, the daisy is most often used as a symbol of purity and innocence. In Celtic mythology, God sprinkled daisies on the ground to elevate the mood of grieving parents who had lost their children.

Daisies can also symbolize beauty, love, and fertility, as well as motherhood, childbirth. In fact, they are appropriate for a new (and great) chapter in life. The bubbly faces of daisies are a sight to behold. These little flowers come with big meanings among which are new beginnings, inspiration, joy, affection, and other sweet attributes. 

The Essence of Sunflowers 

Sunflower blooms speak of fascination, loyalty, and dedication.

To Native Americans, these big cheery blossoms also represent wealth, provision, and bounty. They provide seeds, natural dye, and food for animals.

In Chinese culture, sunflowers designate longevity, vitality, and fortune -perfect meanings for a get-well-soon bouquet. 

A legend states that, when Spanish explorers saw sunflowers for the first time on the American Continent, they thought they were made of gold. The rich coloration of these flowers is hard not to be confused with the real precious metal.

The Support of Dahlias 

Dahlia flowers hold positive meanings, the most common of which is becoming stronger. This stems from the plant’s ability to easily survive in harsh conditions. Other meanings include being graceful and charming since the beauty of these summer flowers is beyond doubt. If you know someone who is going through significant life changes, dahlias are perfect. They express support, luck, or congratulations, as they signify acceptance of positive changes. Still, these natural cuties have some negative connotations such as being unfaithful, dishonest, or fickle. 

The Love of Red Tulips 

Along with red roses, red tulips will also be viewed as a declaration of love. Their saturated colour evokes passion and amorousness. Tulips are also the 11th wedding anniversary flower, so bear this in mind if someone in your environment is celebrating a marriage milestone.

Since tulips bloom in spring, they usually symbolize new life and warmth. But each colour also carries its own meaning and interesting superstitions. Orange ones convey a sense of a strong bond, yellow color denotes hopeless love and jealousy. White blooms represent purity, honor, and holiness, while pink petals express good luck and well wishes to the recipient. 


The ideal geometric arrangement of Chrysanthemum petals is remarquable. It’s the reason why this blossom is fiendishly popular for all types of arrangements and bouquets. But there is one more reason why people are so crazy about Chrysanthemum – its fabulous meaning. This divinely perfect flower typifies happiness, love, longevity, optimism, and other things great. They also look great as part of an autumn bouquet. And because they can effortlessly withstand crispy temperatures, they are popular staples in autumn gardens.

The Newness and Hope of Daffodils

Is someone around your way celebrating a new job, moving to a new home, or welcoming a newborn baby? Gift them with a bunch of cheerful Daffodils. These little yellow bells allude to “new beginnings,” making an ideal gesture of appreciation for any of these grandiose occasions. The first flower to bloom in spring, daffodil carries a meaning of rebirth and hope. They symbolize new experiences and resilience as they are small, strong survivors who survived the winter extremes. The vivacious yellow and white colors of daffodils are a symbol of positivity.

The Romance of Peony

These lush, extravagant blooms held a meaning of “anger” in the Victorian epoch. Today peonies forfeited their negative connotation and are tied with romance, affection, prosperity, a beautiful connection, and even humility. White peonies symbolize shyness, so they are great to make an apology. Pink peonies are very popular for bridal bouquets as they symbolize good luck and wellness. Red peonies are used with such a definition as love, passion, honor, and respect. 


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