Volunteering Opportunity at the Hope Garden

Enjoy being in the beautiful summer weather, volunteering at the Hope Garden! Help plant the vegetables, keep the gardens weeded, then harvest the lush vegetables that are enjoyed so much by the clients of the Shepherds of Good Hope!!!

Hope Garden – a 7000 square foot plot of land in the Kilborn Gardens in Alta Vista – has been producing fresh vegetables and for the Shepherds of Good Hope since 2003. The efforts of our force go towards providing the clients accessing Shepherds of Good Hope downtown soup kitchen with fresh produce. Shepherds of Good Hope serves on average 700 meals a day to those who access the soup kitchen and drop-in program, in addition to the 190 residents, staying with us in our 3 supportive housing programs across the city of .

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or someone looking for a nice change Hope Garden is a great place to meet new people and share your passion for the outdoors. Our garden volunteers are a wealth of knowledge, from lessons learned to members with an education in /horticulture; we are always learning tips and tricks for a healthier organic garden.

Please contact volunteer@sghottawa.com for more information and to get yourself added to the distribution leading up to the meet and greet! We are looking for volunteers to contribute from end of April to early (weather dependent).

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