Best Houseplants for the Kitchen

Houseplants in the kitchen help to reduce the cooking odours that pervade your house. Although baking cookies may smell delicious, cauliflower may be depressing! Alternatively, you may choose to grow herbs in your kitchen for easy access while cooking. Here are our best recommendations for kitchen plants:

Assorted Herbs

Herbs are ideal for kitchen gardening. For convenience, place your herb garden on a windowsill or in a hanging basket. Fortunately, many herbs grow well inside with appropriate light. If they begin to get leggy, they must be rotated. Learn more about how to cultivate herbs in your kitchen.

Aloe Vera

Because aloe vera is one of the simplest plants to cultivate, having it in your kitchen will lend vitality to it all year. It’s especially useful in the kitchen for usage as a natural cooling in the event of a burn. It will work well anyplace in the kitchen, although it is probably best close to the stove. Read more about growing aloe and other succulents.

White Jasmine

The delicate jasmine perfume provided by this plant’s flowers can help keep your kitchen feeling clean and fresh. The aroma is light enough that it will not overpower the kitchen while yet making it feel clean and refreshed. Read more about growing jasmine.

English Ivy

Ivy is a versatile plant that can survive in a variety of environments. It will provide dramatic lines and textures to your kitchen while also cleansing the air. If your cabinets don’t reach the ceilings, this ivy will gladly fill the void. It will offer lovely tones of green with white or yellow highlights.

Spider Plant

The spider plant, another excellent air cleaner, will make cooking more joyful. Place it in a place where you want to add height and texture. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that will delight you in any season.

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