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Garden tourism, also known as garden travel or garden visiting, refers to the practice of visiting gardens for leisure, education, or inspiration. It has become increasingly popular worldwide as people seek opportunities to explore and appreciate different types of gardens, landscapes, and horticultural traditions.

South East Asia Highlight: NoonNooch, Elephants and Tra Su Bird Sanctuary: Garden Tourism

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  • Ceramic Art of faces on plant containers

    South East Asia Highlight: NoonNooch, Elephants and Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

    Exploring Nature’s Bounty: A Day at NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden Nestled about 90 minutes south of Bangkok lies NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden. The land…

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  • Members of the Mexican Association of Botanical garens meet in Vallarta Botanical Gardens

    Mexican Association of Botanical Gardens meet in Vallarta

    On April 12 and 13, the Vallarta Botanical Garden received a visit from the Mexican Association of Botanical Gardens (AMJB), represented by its member…

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  • Silhouette of toronto skyline at sunset

    How to become a landscape photographer in Toronto: working in gardens

    Description: How do you turn your passion for landscape photography into a job? A step-by-step guide on how to make money capturing the beauty of…

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  • A walking path through stirking botanical displays of colorful mexican plants

    Dive into the fascinating world of botanical gardens and explore their hidden treasures.

    Botanical gardens are captivating and diverse spaces where the beauty of nature is carefully cultivated and displayed for the enjoyment and education of visitors.…

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  • Gray-black Warbler (Setophaga nigrescens)

    During this season, we have a large number of visitors at the Vallarta Botanical Garden from the winter territories of Canada and the United…

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  • It’s Wild in Puerto Vallarta!

    For the past several years, the Vallarta Botanical Garden has been purchasing parcels of land that adjoin the VBG, thanks to the generous donations…

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  • 2022 Garden of Excellence Award Winner!

    The Vallarta Botanical Garden (VBG) was awarded the prestigious “Garden Excellence Award for 2022” presented by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA), North America’s…

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  • The Ramble at 20 – Passion and Opportunity

    In the mid 1970’s, Rob Caron, a horticulturist, and David Dunn, an architect met and set out to build a life together. Sharing a…

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  • Gardens Ottawa History Presentation

    This is a super interesting video for anybody interested in Ottawa’s garden history dating back to the 1850’s.

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  • flower garden

    Top 10 North American Gardens Worth Traveling For

    The list is an joint promotion of the Garden Council of Canada and the American Public Gardens Association. The list for 2017 (in alphabetical…

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