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Fall gardening can be a wonderful time to prepare for the next growing season and extend your harvest. Cleanup, soil amendment, cool-season crops, protection of tender plants, and dividing and transplanting are among the issues we follow.

By following our tips, you can make the most of your fall gardening efforts and set the stage for a successful growing season next year.

Freezing Seasonal Produce: Fall Gardening Advice

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  • An incredible vegetable display tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, peppers, onions, lettuce and so on

    Freezing Seasonal Produce

    Author: Rebecca Last,  Gardening at Last and Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton. Published with permission This was an amazing year for tomatoes. My small garden…

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  • Plant of the Month: Mountain Maple

    Plant of the Month: Mountain Maple

    When it comes to urban landscaping, mountain maples prove their worth as hardworking, resilient, and beautiful additions. Standing at heights ranging from 15 to…

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  • Blue Angel Fuchsia flower

    Bringing Plants Inside for the Winter, Washing Your Plants

    Greetings fellow gardeners,  It is time to decide what to bring inside and what to take to the compost. Even though my space is…

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  • A stricking coleus with geraniums companion plant

    Preparing the Garden for Fall and Winter

    There are people who thoroughly wash their bulbs and tubers before storing them. I let mine dry with a small bit of dirt around…

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  • Wild peony going to seed

    How to Collect Seeds from Flowers

    I packed a bunch of envelopes and a pen and was able to collect a lot of seed. It is a great time of…

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  • Pinkish lowbush blueberry leaves in the fall

    Preparing for Frost

    I have most of my vegetables in pots at this point, so they are a little less likely to get frost damage. Greetings fellow…

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  • Watercoloured layout of a basic garden plan

    On Planting Daffodil Bulbs in the Fall

    If you are fairly new to bulb planting, I suggest that you start with daffodil bulbs. Very few creatures will bother these bulbs. They…

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  • White baneberry seeds that resemble doll's eyes

    5 Scary Plants to Frighten Your Day

    With Halloween around the corner, let’s have a bit of fun.  Here are five scary plants that would do any fright night justice.  Venus…

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  • Gardening in the Month of September

    For Ottawa – Zone 5

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  • Glory of the Snow with its blue flowers

    10 Fabulous Bulbs to Plant in the Fall 

    It’s time to set the stage for brilliant spring color by choosing bulbs to plant in the fall to enjoy in your beds, borders, and…

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  • A bright pink dahlia flower ready for seed collection

    Seed Collection and Saving

    Seed collection is always done on a sunny day because wet seeds can go moldy very quickly. Ripe seeds should fall easily from the…

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  • Gorgeous yellow and orange heleniu

    5 Colourful Fall Flowers for an Easy Care Autumn 

    Colorful fall flowers for an easy-care autumn garden can brighten your day. Why should summer have all vibrant blooms!   And what better way…

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  • Swiss chard plant

    Bringing Lantana Indoors, Raspberry Royale, Red Malabar

    To bring my Lantana indoors for the winter, I repotted it after checking for any creatures that might be lurking in the leaves and…

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  • yellow, red, and green fall leaves as a reminder for your fall gardening checklist

    Do You Have A Fall Gardening Checklist?

    A fall gardening checklist is provided below to assist you in completing tasks. Take out your pen or pencil and jot down any ideas…

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  • A collection of tomato seeds

    On Saving Tomato Seeds and Using Hügelkultur

    I have been saving tomato seeds for almost 5 decades. The raw seed going straight to a paper towel to dry works, but it…

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  • A white cast aluminum table with two chairs in a quiet, manicured garden setting

    Upgrading Your Garden at Almost No Cost

    Firstly, upgrading your garden won’t happen if you aren’t willing to experiment with landscaping and do yard work. However, we want to offer you…

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  • Man trimming his hedge with a perfect lawn

    How to Care for Your Lawn in the Fall

    Fall lawn care will help to make sure it is in tip-top shape for the coming winter. While many residents assume spring is the…

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  • About a dozen red peonies in full bloom

    Veggie Bites – Peonies

    I added compost to my peonies last year and overwintered them with maple leaves. They are much better this year. Often, we add soil…

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  • a top view of a filed of purple new england asters

    Top Beautiful Fall Plants For Your Garden

    These 5 beautiful plants to have around this fall are in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red with late blooms providing pops of colour.…

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  • 24 Flowers For September and October

    Visit your local nurseries in September and October and you’ll see plenty of spring-flowering bulbs for sale to be planted in fall. But live…

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  • assorted fall vegetables on gray surface

    Harvest Tasty Fall Vegetables

    Most avid gardeners have planted the vegetable essentials in abundance, but what about the forgotten vegetable and those varieties that look a little different…

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  • How to Keep Your Plants Alive in Fall and Winter

    When reading the post, you’ll know how to care for winter plants, and what conditions to create to ensure their health and survival in…

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  • How To Winterize Roses and Rose Bushes

    We get asked every year on: “How to prepare rose bushes for winter? How do I winterize roses?” There are many different types of…

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  • How To Preserve A Carved Pumpkin

    So you’ve carved your Halloween pumpkin, and it is a masterpiece! The question is now – “How do you preserve a carved pumpkin from…

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