Dutchman’s Breeches

Dicentra cucularia
Dicentre à capuchon
Native to Canada
Deciduous woods
Medium moisture, well-drained soil and clay, loam soils are best.
Up to 1 foot (30 cms)

Blooms in:

Spring - Zone 5

Bloom Colors:



Bumble bees



Dutchman’s Breeches is a true spring woodland ephemeral species. It flowers early in the spring when sunlight hits the woodland floor before the canopy of the trees fill in. This is an ideal time for the first emerging bumblebees to find and nectar on the flowers. By early summer, the green foliage (which resemble fern-like leaves) will fade to a light yellow and eventually will go into total dormancy by mid-summer.

Best naturalized in woodland, wildflower or native plant gardens. Generally considered inappropriate for borders because the plants go dormant by summer.


Companion Plants

Hostas and Ferns

Care Checklist

Grow in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Prefers rich, moist, humusy soils in part shade. Intolerant of wet soils in winter. This is a spring ephemeral which usually disappears from the garden by early summer (dry soils tend to hasten this process).

More Information

Seed of this species is kept under refrigeration (33-38 F) until you are ready to plant or apply pre-sowing treatment..


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