Silver Wormwood

Featured Photo Credit: Salicyna, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Silver Wormwood attracts many pollinators and is one of the host plants for the American Lady and Painted Lady butterflies. It is a fragrant, silvery-white -like perennial with woolly grey or white hairs on the stems and leaves. Its flowers are nodding clusters of yellowish flowers that bloom throughout the summer.

Quick Growing Guide

Botanical Name: Artemisia ludoviciana

Botanical Family: Asteraceae

Also Called: Silver Sage; White Sage; White Sagebrush; Prairie Sage

En français: Armoise de l’Ouest



Sun / Shade:

Water: Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry


This spreads via rhizomes and/or self-seeding and has the potential to become invasive. It has the potential to spread, so consider utilising soil barriers in locations where you do not want it to naturalise. Because of its versatility and proclivity to spread, it is an excellent choice for a low-maintenance, knee-to waist-high .

It can be used as a striking accent plant for green-leaved plants.

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