Top Beautiful Fall Plants For Your Garden

Spring and summer always get all the plant love, but the truth is, my favorite time of year to look at plants is the fall!  Between delicious fall produce, trees that turn vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red, and late blooming flowers that provide...

Which Flowers Bloom in Fall?

Walk into your local garden nursery in October and you’ll see plenty of spring-flowering bulbs for sale to be planted in fall. But live plants? It would seem that the only choice for flowers in fall is potted chrysanthemums. Oh, what a limited palette! It wasn’t...

How to Grow Garlic in Ontario

You will now learn how to grow garlic at home if you live in Ontario. See this as your complete guide to growing the vegetable. The two main types of Garlic are hardneck and softneck. In the northern areas, hardneck is the most commonly grown variety. And this is...

How to Keep Your Plants Alive in Fall and Winter

When reading the post, you’ll know how to care for winter plants, and what conditions to create to ensure their health and survival in cold seasons. You’ll find practical tips and the list of the best plants to grow in winter in either pots or gardens.

Do You Have A Check List Of Fall Gardening?

When autumn comes, you have lots of fall season gardening ideas and a hundred ways to improve your garden… its looks, its health, its prospects for next spring.</p

Fall Vegetables – Five Unique Ones

Most avid gardeners have planted the vegetable essentials in abundance, but what about the forgotten vegetable and those varieties that look a little different from the usual choices?