A white panickled aster with many flowers

White Panicled Aster

The White Panicled Aster features daisy-like rays with prominent yellow discs that redden with age and make up clusters of mini-blossoms. Known as Symphyotrichum lanceolatum, it is a flowering plant native to North America in the Asteraceae family. Its common names include asters with panicles, lance-shaped leaves, and white panicles. It is a perennial herbaceous…

Mad-dog Skullcap leaf and purple flowers

Mad-dog Skullcap

The leaves of the Mad-dog Skullcap are serrated and opposing, and the stem is square and often hairless. As a member of the mint family, one would expect it to have medicinal and beneficial properties. From July to September, it blooms with tiny, trumpet-shaped flowers ranging in colour from light blue to lavender or even…

Sqarrose goldenrod flower

Squarrose Goldenrod

Solidago squarrosa may be the most distinctive species of the goldenrods. As a perennial herb, it can reach a height of 190 cm (6 ft). It has a branching underground caudex. Egg-shaped leaves up to 20 cm (8 inches) long near the plant’s base and shorter further up the stem. A slender, elongated array of…

Early Goldenrod

Early Goldenrod, also known as Solidago juncea, is a herbaceous perennial wildflower of the family Asteraceae. Once started, it requires little maintenance and grows quickly. It thrives on ordinary, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun, and it can withstand poor, dry soils, especially soil with a lot of clay. It is a tolerant…

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