Spring Garden into Summer

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Virburnum plant with light blue flowers beginning to bloom

Photo credit: Judith Cox

As spring advances and summer sets in, Judith shares valued observations on ticks, virburnums and transplanting herbs and vegetables.

Greetings fellow gardeners,

It is very warm in the garden these days and not a drop of rain is in sight. Your sweet little transplants are not very happy right now so be aware. With this heat they will need extra water, and some may even need a bit of extra shade. I have been making sure that I am wearing my hat and applying my sunscreen and I hope that you are as well.

Ticks from the Garden in the Wrong Places

Because of the heat I am less covered up and my loose shorts proved too tempting for yet another tick. I got it out with help and got my antibiotics. For now, I am relying on the kindness of family to let me know if the rash is growing as the tick bit me in a spot that I am unable to see. I seem to be very tasty, so I will cover up more in future.

Watch for Rose Pests

My roses are budding and happy, but I am watching carefully for worms. The conditions are perfect for rose pests and if I catch them early, I can get ahead of them. My Polaris rose next to the chicken compound has a bud on each branch! I am very excited to see the display. Here are some previous comments on spring care for roses.

Buds on Polaris rose
Buds on Polaris rose

Viburnum has Great Foliage

My Viburnum is blooming. Viburnum edule is a native and a glorious addition to my garden. The foliage is healthy, and the flowers are beautiful. It gets lovely red berries that I leave for the birds. Watch out for aphids and thrips. I have been able to control them with blasts from the hose. There are many viburnum cultivars. I have a viburnum Monrovia that I bought to use as a screen. It will grow to a good height and width with lovely blooms. While the flowers can be short-lived, it is the foliage that most people enjoy, and you get colour in the fall. It will take full sun and up to partial shade, a very versatile shrub.  The next time you are at the nursery, check out the different viburnums available. 

Transplanting Herbs and Vegetables and Hardening off Tomatoes

I have started planting up some of my herb and vegetable pots and moving some plants out from under the lights. I am hardening off the tomatoes on my little shelf with a plastic cover. Of course, I am hoping the cucumbers I planted will make an appearance and the same with the pumpkins. I water everything carefully. I also clipped a couple of ends off my rose and potted them up in the gazebo. The too-many cats quickly removed them, so I shall try again but leave them outside. Lesson learned. 

I am enjoying working again even if it is just part-time. My new knee is wonderful and the other is not so bad, but hopefully I shall be fully cyborg soon. I am only working in one garden these days, but I love it and today I am going shopping for plants! Of course, I may need to pick up a couple of plants for me as well. Remember that soon the perennials will be on sale. Enjoy your week. Judith. (Email:  sghorticultural@gmail.com)  Veggie Bites are available at https://sghorticultural.wixsite.com/website or https://gardeningcalendar.ca/category/veggie-bites/

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