Smooth Solomon’s Seal

Smooth Solomon’s Seal

Botanical Name: Polygonatum biflorum

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Polygonatum commutatum (great solomon seal) is a drought tolerant native Ontario perennial for the shade garden. It adds a unique architectural structure with its arching foliage and white bell shaped flowers that dangle along the leaves.

In autumn the leaves of Solomon’s seal turn a vivid and saturated yellow, shading fat purple fruit, and adding unexpected perennial color to the chilling garden.

Best in woodland gardens, wild gardens, naturalized areas or native plant gardens. May be used in partially shaded borders or rock gardens.

Other Characteristics

Pollinators: Birds, Butterflies

Sun/Shade: Partial Sun, Shade

Planting and Care Considerations

Easily grown in average, medium to wet, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Prefers moist, humusy soils. Slowly spreads by rhizomes to form colonies in optimum growing conditions.

Good with astilbe and ferns.

Spread: up to 50 cms

Water: Moist (careful not to over water)

Best Soil: 

Growth Habit: Can take 2-3 years to grow flowers