8 Ways On Killing Weeds Naturally

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Don’t you hate those garden weeds? Looking to rid your garden of those pesky weeds naturally? Tired of using chemical based products like Roundup around your plants and vegetables?
Everyone wants to enjoy the vegetable garden they have cared for. But, having a garden with perfect blooms and buds will take lots of effort.
These efforts are often ruined by annoying weeds, growing in between our plants and make our efforts go waste very easily.
There are many ways to avoid these situations in our garden.
When looking at all the natural ways to kill weeds, it is always best to bring productivity and harmony to the garden says natural gardening expert Barbara Pleasant.

Why Killing Weeds Naturally Is Important

When growing garden plants, we always end up having bugs, garden pests and weeds in the yards.
Applying a weed killer with it’s harmful chemicals is a quick job. But, the after effect can be disastrous.
Without careful application other plants may be killed or chemicals such as pre-emergent weed killers may enter the soil and impact our plants or produce.
By using natural methods we maintain soil health and plant health.
Using natural pesticides for pest control and weed control are always my first choice.
We already know of the many easily available chemical solutions.
A simple homemade weed killer can be made from simply from vinegar and soap.
To overcome common garden weeds, perennial weeds or annual weeds and the problems they present in our garden there are natural weed control remedies which actually do wonders.
Below are 8 ways to control or prevent weeds in your garden and landscape.

#1 – Pull Garden Weeds By Hand

One of the best ways of controlling weeds is by pulling them out of the soil by hand. This weeding method works best when soil is damp after watering.
Make sure you pull out the root to prevent the weed for growing.
This method can be applicable only to places where other means of weed control will not work, like plant beds or plants grown in containers.

#2 – Burn or Scald Weeds

Gardeners usually burn weeds to hinder weed growth and kill weeds naturally. Burning does not mean putting weeds on fire! Throw a pot of hot boiling water on the roots of weeds.
This will kill the weed naturally, as the day passes the weed will die and will never return. Be very careful, this cannot be used on garden beds and fertile soils.

#3 – Baking Soda

As a super ingredient in cleaning baking soda helps out in our garden as well! This humble powder has many uses. One among them is eradicating weeds from pavements,
One among them is eradicating weeds from pavements, patios, and concrete paths.
To use baking soda for killing weeds sprinkle the powder to the roots of weeds and fill in those cracks where weeds are prone to grow.
This extra sodium content will help prevent weeds from regrowing.

#4 – Bleach

Using undiluted bleach on weeds will make them loosen up from their soil and can be easily pulled away. The bleach on the soil will prevent them from regrowing.
This method can be used only on a hard surfaces like driveways and walkways where you do not want anything to grow.

#5 – Salt

This is the best method to use when you don’t want to grow anything in that particular place ever! Sprinkle a bit of salt (not epsom salt) where you do not want weeds to grow and let it kill all of them.
This is best suitable for the weeds that are away from plants and the places away from plant beds.

#6 – Cover The Land

The free soil, lots of sunshine and water at the right moment is all a weed requires growing in a big way.
To avoid this, one of the simplest and easiest ways is to cover the soil is by using organic mulches like grass clippings or planting spreading ground cover plants. This is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted weeds in the garden.

#7 – Create A Spray Shield With Old Soda Bottles

When utilizing pre-emergent herbicides or post-emergent herbicides to get rid of garden or lawn weeds as a part of your gardening, you must be mindful so as not shower and spray good plants.
To target the weed you need to kill, cut a 2-liter pop container half and place the top half over the weed you need to shower.
At that point coordinate your pump’s spray wand through the normal opening in the highest point of the container and spray the herbicide.
After the shower settles down, get the bottle top half used and proceed onward to your next target. [Details]

#8 – Vodka

For a snappy and simple weed executioner, blend 1 ounce (30 milliliters) vodka, a couple drops fluid dish cleanser and 6 ounces of water in a spray bottle.
Shake it well and spray on the weed leaves until the blend keeps running off.
Apply it at early afternoon on a sunny day to weeds developing in direct daylight.
The liquor in the vodka separates the waxy covering on leaves, leaving them defenseless to the sun.
It won’t work in a shaded environment.
This cute video shows different methods how to kill weeds naturally.
The guide is especially useful for those who dislike using chemicals and are concerned for the safety of pets or children.
The guide is especially useful for those who dislike using chemicals and are concerned for the safety of pets or children.
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Organic mulches made from scraps like grass clippings can also be useful.
One other option is simply to plant your garden densely so weeds do not have enough room to grow.
Watch the video below for more details:
One other option is simply to plant your garden densely so weeds do not have enough room to grow. Watch the video below for more details:

[embedded content]

Natural Harmony In Gardening

By using these everyday items, we can make sure that our plants grow in a very healthy way without compromising on the quality of soil and its nutrition.
Also, we will be sure of getting clean vegetables and having a natural harmony in our beautiful garden.
In this article, our focus has been on natural ways to kill weeds. However, there are times when the only way to tame the runaway weeds and grass is to use commercial products.
If that’s your situation check out this review on the Top 10 weed killers for lawns.

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