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Garden brick ideas can be elegant, functional, and can make your landscape even more inviting and exciting. Use bricks for walkways and garden wall designs to make your space more inviting. Line planter beds to create a garden edge in areas that break up the greenness of everything. Bricks are an excellent way to make a long-lasting garden and carry a very low cost for upkeep. Brick offers a weatherproof style that lasts for years.

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Old Bricks And Stone Hiding Under Weeds In the Yard Or Lawn… Created A Stunning Feature Backyard Feature.

Under weeds in the back yard, one homeowner discovered bricks and stones that were presumably worthless to him. Instead of tossing them away, he recycled them as brick pavers for a lovely patio. He had enough stones and bricks to build a brick patio area, a built-in fire pit, and pathways.

Make A “Fence” Border Or Mini Retaining Walls Around Flower Beds

Create a basic brick garden edge fencing, retain wall, vertical garden, or “small brick wall garden” for the flower beds and offer a distinct barrier from the grass edge with two bricks or pavers laid flat and one upright.

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Obliquely Stacking Bricks

Make a brick border! This is a unique approach to organise bricks and add ornamental features to flower beds, surfaces, and walks.


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Make Garden Paths In Your Vegetable and Flower Garden

This is one method for separating seedlings in the garden using brick walkways. I’m not sure how useful it is unless you have a TON of extra bricks!

Build This Brick Pathway A Step By Step Tutorial

Brick paths have always struck me as unique. I suppose they have a certain charm. The image above is of a brick road put together by Home Depot, including a “How To” explanation on how to create it.

Not As A Pathway But A Focal Point


This is a basic landscaping plan, but it makes good use of brick pavers and stone in the garden. The bricks are being used to create a focal point rather than as a pathway. Often, distinct aesthetics may be achieved simply by lifting the plants or establishing different levels. Set things off with some stones!
image: Design & DIY Magazine

Make A Small Garden Brick Wall As An Edging Border In Your Landscape Designs

This is a variation on the “fencing” idea above. Stack several courses of bricks to make a mini stone wall fence or raised garden. This makes for a nice contrast. Make sure to overlap the bricks help them support each other.

Make A Brick Edge To Plant The Flower Garden


Highlight the Area Around A Large Flowerpot

By arranging bricks in a circular pattern larger than the pot, you may create a “stage” to emphasise a huge flower pot. Place pebble stones and little flower pots around the bigger one.  Using salvaged bricks is one of the finest methods to get this appearance! Reclaimed bricks are a wonderful choice for making outside patios since they provide a sense of class, elegance, and a rustic atmosphere! Houzz has some wacky garden design ideas that will impress your neighbours! When you’re through, your home will be gleaming and more valuable than before!

Make Seating In The Garden With a “Garden Bed” Of Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks or blocks offer lots of uses in the garden and an opportunity to create interesting items… like a garden bed!  Just add pillows for comfort and relax!

Make A Garden Bench From Bricks

This sweet looking bench is screaming… sit down, relax, enjoy the view. Some bricks and boards or a nice slab of wood… and you have a beautiful garden bench. These bricks were stacked 3 times before they were happy with them!

Make A Unique Barbecue From Bricks

You’ll have a great time grilling on your own backyard masterpiece. Make it one-of-a-kind and your own! Here’s a lot easier brick stove… To me, the degree of inventiveness displayed by people with their do-it-yourself projects is just unbelievable.

This man built his own brick stove for about $6, which would cost a hundred times that at a shop. The nicest aspect is that his stove is more appealing than many big-box models. It is a rewarding project that your entire family can work on together. Consider some of the foods you could prepare outside. This is a fantastic activity for getting your creative ideas flowing! [insert embedded content]

Front Planter “Litterbox” Turns Into A Beautiful Brick Front Patio

This project started because their front planter became a “litterbox” for the neighborhood cats. Great solution using brick!

Brick Plant Markers


This is a simple idea to mark or label plants in the garden. One thing for sure… the birds will not be plugging them out of the pot and flying off!

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