Swamp Milkweed
This milkweed species is known for its ability to thrive in swampy areas and wet meadows. Despite its love of wet soils, due to its long taproot, it can tolerate average well-drained soils with ease. Pink and white duo-tone flowers are displayed throughout the summer months. Grows up to 1.5m tall, though height can vary...
Botanical Name: Asclepias incarnata
Nom Français: Asclépiade rouge


Bloom colour: Pink | White
Blooms: Fall - Zone 5 | Summer - Zone 5
Pollinators: Butterflies
Sun or Shade: Full Sun
Plant Type: Perennial
Height: Up to 5 feet (160 cms)
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I, Quebec, Ontario, Manitioba
It grows well in hardiness zones: 3 to 8


Pond edges, meadows
Water requirement: Medium to wet
Clay, Loam


Easily grown in medium to wet soils in full sun. Surprisingly tolerant of average well-drained soils in cultivation even though the species is native to swamps and wet meadows. Plants have deep taproots and are best left undisturbed once established. Foliage is slow to emerge in spring.


Spread: Up to 90 cm


Milkweed is a flowering plant essential to the life cycle of the monarch, as it is the sole source of food for the caterpillars.
Native to Canada

Styling and Use

They mingle easily with other sun & moisture lovers



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