Aronia melanocarpa

Aronia noir

Chokeberry berries are used in jams or jellies. Leaves turns red and orange in autumn. As it is seen as a smaller shrub, it is a popular choice for gardens that do not have a lot of space. Other names: Geules noires, Aronie à fruit noir

Plant contains dark green leaves and white flowers that transform into blackish purple berries with dark red leaves in fall.

In nature Peat bogs, swamps, wet woods; on dry sandy or rocky ridges; occasionally in pine woods..

Caring for Chokeberry

Best in full sun to part shade. Plants tend to sucker and be leggy at the bottom. Plants benefit from mulch. Prune after flowering in spring.

It is happiest in Moist, acidic soils. Tolerates drought, occasional flooding and road salt.

In terms of water, Chokeberry needs Moderate to high water consumption.