Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

Chêneà gros fruits

  Other names: Blue Oak, Mossycup Oak The Bur Oak is one of the most massive oaks with a trunk diameter of up to 10 ft. It commonly grows in the open, away from dense forest canopy. When grown in Canada,  it is considered a small tree, 12-18 m high and 60-80 cm in diameter….

Lives for 200 to 300 years.

Its natural habitat is, Forests, riverbanks, rich bottomlands, sandy plains..

Companion plant suggestions include Eastern White Pine, Eastern Hemlock.

Caring for Bur Oak

Slow growth rate (less than 12 inches per year). Does best in rich, well-drained, alkaline loam soils. Root system deep and wide-spreading with a deep taproot. Can be hard to transplant but has high pollution tolerance and withstands the city environment. Drought tolerant.

It is happiest in Tolerant to of a variety of soil conditions, adapts well in urban settings.

In terms of water, Bur Oak needs Moderate to high water consumption.