Bottle Gentian
Among the finest perennials to grace the garden in late summer is the dark blue-flowered closed bottle gentian. Bottle Gentian has bottle-like deep blue flowers that never actually open. The blooms are pollinated exclusively by bumblebees, which have the size and strenth needed pry open the flowers and gain entry. Bottle Gentians are slow-growing but...
Botanical Name: Gentiana andrewsii
Nom Français: Gentiane bouteille


Bloom colour: Blue | Purple
Blooms: Fall - Zone 5 | Summer - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bumble bees
Sun or Shade: Full Sun | Partial Sun
Plant Type: Perennial
Height: Up to 2 feet (70 cm)
Open woods, meadows
It grows well in hardiness zones: 3 to 8


Damp deciduous woods, pond edges, meadows
Water requirement: Average
Grows in moist, rich, slightly acidic soils. Sand, Loam, Clay.





Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Lady in Red


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