The Blackberry bush is a member of the rose family. The blackberries bloom in June. Other names: Highbush Blackberry, Allegheny Blackberry Related to: Common blackberry and Rubus canadensis
Botanical Name: Rubus allegheniensis
Nom Français: Ronce alléghanienne

The Basics

Bloom colour: Green | White
Pollinators: Birds | Mammals
Sun or Shade: Full Sun
Plant Type: Shrub
Height: Up to 3 feet (1 meter)
It grows well in hardiness zones:


Thickets in neglected fields, fencelines, conifer plantations, edges of woods.
Water requirement: Low water requirement.
Tolerates moist sites.


Up to 20 white flowers on long pedicel. Edible black fruit. Low water requirement but tolerates moist sites.
High, arching canes with few thorns.


Spread: Up to twenty white flowers on long pedicel. Cylindrical to thimble-shaped,



Styling and Use

Cone bearing seed plants (conifers)


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