Stone Garden Path Ideas For Garden Walkways

Adding a stone garden path in the garden can accentuate, connect and tie the together. You don’t need a pro for ideas for your garden walkway nor for its’ installation.

Truth is that you you can use brick, which helps add character to your garden. Wood, tiles, stone, or mosaic create a special magical feel. It is up to your creative design. Learn low-maintenance, and inexpensive ways to create the garden path of your dreams. However, stone is classic, very long lasting, and usually can look better with age.

Garden Path Ideas – Clean, Rustic, Inspired, Large Stones and Small

A very modern garden path made with large what appears stones mixed with different colour stone between and along each slab. A modern feel and up to date, yet also in touch with .

An effective among garden path ideas is to fill in the cracks of the steps with stones. This is an easy way to bring a lot of appeal to your garden. The moss creeping into the walkway is a nice touch.

cool garden path ideas

The stacked stone along this garden path looks like a continuation of the walkway.  It pulls the small stone retaining wall and path together seamlessly. It all creates a very aesthetically-pleasing view for the eye.

This simple garden path idea uses old wood to create the walkway. Soil and mulch surrounds the path leading you to a grassy area providing a sense of direction.

The spiral patterns in this walkway make it a one-of-a-kind eye catcher. It takes a lot of work, but as you can see, it clearly pays off.

The moss between the stones create a very natural feel, as though it’s been growing that way for decades. The fountain ties everything together beautifully.

A garden path “assembled” with very large stones requiring heavy equipment to install. The stone walkway surrounded by beautiful interesting vegetation makes you want to stop on your way to the front door. A path which makes you feel like you’re home already. Lots of curb appeal!

  • Pros Looks formal or natural; a good choice for heavy use.
  • Cons More expensive than some options; placing pavers on bare soil can cause problems such as poor drainage.
  • Tip Construct a solid, well-drained, level base from sand or gravel. Surround your pavers with a formal edge to keep them from shifting.

Nice simple, clean looking garden path with white squares surrounded by dark gray rocks. It fits in a narrow space perfectly between two buildings. One side with short plantings  the other with taller .

This is a very creative use of brick as a walkway.  It’s inviting, yet casual and brings a lot of to an otherwise normal garden.

The garden path shows how you can bring your own style to the path. This it isn’t just an ordinary garden path, but a a replica of  piano keys.

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