New England Aster

New England Aster

Large rose-purple flowers, with very numerous rays which tend to bloom in profusion. Clasping leaves. Rough stem. Leaves smell a bit spicy when crushed. Provides color and contrast to the fall perennial border front. Mass or plant in groups. Also effective naturalized in drifts in meadows or in native or wildflower gardens.


Delicate and graceful, the purple bell-shaped flowers of this perennial are attractive, but have no noticeable scent. Each plant produces an abundance of flowers. They are also ideal for rock gardens, naturalized areas and containers.

Zig-zag Goldenrod

Solidago flexicaulis, commonly called zigzag or broadleaf goldenrod, is a rhizomatous perennial that is native to rich woods and thickets from throughout eastern north America. This species is distinguished by its zigzag stems and its toothed, broad-ovate leaves.

Blue-stemmed Goldenrod

The blue-stemmed goldenrod is sometimes referred to as Wreath Goldenrod. It is a well-behaved woodland species. It forms pretty, loose clumps with arching stems and long, thin leaves. Tiny clusters of bright yellow flowers form in the leaf axils for half the stem’s length. Stem color in mature plants has a dark, bluish tone.

Cup Plant

Cup plant, Silphium perfoliatum, is a beautiful native Ontario plant. Its large stature, (6 to 9 feet tall), and wide, tapered leaves are further complemented by an abundance of open yellow flowers. The flowers will re-bloom well into the autumn. A large plant that needs lots of space. Some gardeners find it to be an effective…

Cut-leaved Coneflower

Rudbeckia laciniata is a native clump forming perennial with multiple upright stems. The leaves are large, dark green and deeply lobed. From summer until fall foliage is topped with clusters of showy daisy-like flower heads. Each head consists of a yellow-green globular cone surrounded by drooping yellow rays. This rhizomatous species thrives in partly shaded…

Grey-headed Coneflower

Vibrant yellow flowers sway on spindly stalks during the warm summer months on this wonderful Ontario perennial. Attracts many beneficial insects, bees, and butterflies. Flower petals have a unique downward droop with central cones starting grey and turning to chocolate brown. Interesting plant for the sunny border, native plant garden, meadow or prairie. Best massed…

Swamp Milkweed

This milkweed species is known for its ability to thrive in swampy areas and wet meadows. Despite its love of wet soils, due to its long taproot, it can tolerate average well-drained soils with ease. Pink and white duo-tone flowers are displayed throughout the summer months. Grows up to 1.5m tall, though height can vary…

Bottle Gentian

Among the finest perennials to grace the garden in late summer is the dark blue-flowered closed bottle gentian. Bottle Gentian has bottle-like deep blue flowers that never actually open. The blooms are pollinated exclusively by bumblebees, which have the size and strenth needed pry open the flowers and gain entry. Bottle Gentians are slow-growing but…

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