Water Avens

Water Avens

Botanical Name: Geum rivale

En Français: Benoîte des ruisseaux

It is useful as a ground cover for cool wet areas where many other plants often struggle. If boiled, its roots yield a liquid that tastes faintly like chocolate.

Mass in borders or rock gardens. Habitats include stream sides, pond edges, damp deciduous woodland and hay meadows. Foliage makes an attractive ground cover after bloom.

Other Characteristics

Pollinators: Bees

Sun/Shade: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Planting and Care Considerations

Prefers moist, fertile soils in cool climates. Likes boggy and swampy conditions. Not always reliably winter hardy in areas north of Zone 5. Plants may be propagated by seed or division. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage additional bloom.

Campanula, Delphinium, Daylily

Spread: 6" – 1' (15cm – 30cm)

Water: Average water requirement. But, Keep soil moist throughout growth and bloom season.

Best Soil: Loam and Sandy soils

Growth Habit: Moderate to Fast.