American Beech

Native to eastern North America, the American beech will stand out in any forest. It is a large deciduous tree, sometimes growing up to 120 feet tall . Its crown is typically dense, upright-oval to rounded-spreading. It blooms yellowish green flowers in the spring, the male flowers in drooping, long-stemmed, globular clusters and the female flowers in short spikes. Female flowers give way to triangular nuts enclosed by spiny bracts. Beechnuts ripen in the fall and are edible. It holds its toothed, golden-brown leaves very late into the winter.

Good upland tree. Likes full sun at maturity. Tolerates shade when young. Large space such as lawns, parks, are necessary for wide-spreading root system. Can sucker from roots. Transplant during dormant season.

Quick Growing Guide

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Botanical Name: Fagus grandifolia

Also Called: Other names: Red Beech, Hêtre rouge, Hêtre américain

En français: Hêtre à grandes feuilles

Sun / Shade:

Water: Low to moderate need for water. Does not like excessively wet soils.


Hardiness Zones:

Companion plant suggestions include Mixed woods, often with Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch and Eastern Hemlock.

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