It was March 2020

It was in March 2020.

The streets were empty, the shops closed, people couldn’t get out. But spring did not know and the flowers began to bloom, the sun shone, the birds were singing, swallows would soon arrive, the sky was blue, the morning was coming earlier …

It was March 2020.

Young people had to study online and find jobs at home, people could no longer go shopping or go to the hairdresser. Soon there would be no more room in hospitals and people continued to get sick. But spring did not know, the time to go to the garden arrived, the grass greened …

It was March 2020.

People were put in lockdown to protect grandparents, families and children. No more reunions or family party meals. The fear became real and the days were therefore similar. But spring did not know, apple trees, cherry trees and others bloomed, the leaves grew …

People started reading, playing with family, learning a language. They sang on the balcony inviting the neighbors to do the same. They learned a new language, to show solidarity and focused on other values.

People realized the importance of health, of suffering, of this world that had stopped, of the economy that has plummeted. But spring didn’t know. The flowers gave way to fruit, the birds made their nest, the swallows had arrived …

Then on the day of liberation came, people found out on TV. The virus had lost, people took to the streets, they sang, cried, kissed their neighbors, without masks or gloves.

And that’s when summer came, because spring didn’t know. He continued to be there despite everything, despite the virus, fear and death. Because spring didn’t know, he taught people the power of life.

Everything’s going to be fine, stay home, protect yourself, and you’ll enjoy life.

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Jean-Paul Roch

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