Ideas for Your Backyard this Autumn

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Having the right setup in your backyard during the autumn can create a welcoming, warm space for gatherings or just enjoying some quiet time. It can even make for a great space for a hot tub (don’t forget the salt water hot tub convert, though) where you can enjoy a hot soak in the crisp autumn air.

There are quite a few ideas out there that can help you to create the perfect outdoor space in your backyard this autumn. It can make for a great place to hang out with your dogs, your family, or all by yourself.

Put in a Fire Pit

One of the best ways to give your backyard patio extended life deep into the autumn and even the milder winters is to put in a fire pit. There is no better decoration than implementing a fire pit into your backyard space. Besides, nothing quite says autumn like hanging out near the fire and roasting some marshmallows with friends and families.

If you have a fire pit already, simply change out the shorts and sandals for sweatpants and a hoodie and you can head outside to enjoy some s’mores and stories by the fire. You can either buy one or create one yourself to create the most welcoming backyard space possible.

Install a Patio Heater this Autumn

Just because the weather drops doesn’t mean that you have to spend any time outdoors freezing. A patio heater can be a great way to keep your patio space warm and toasty even as the weather continues to drop.

Sitting outside on a chilly fall evening is more comfortable than ever and there are even multiple options available like electric or propane, stand-alone or tabletop to fit your patio precisely. There is no need to shoehorn a patio heater in when you can find the right style or size to fit your needs precisely.

Having a patio heater is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space well into the fall and even into the milder winters.

Plant Fall Vegetation

Summer is known for its harvests of things like cucumbers and tomatoes. But just because the weather turns colder doesn’t mean the veggies have to go away for the winter. Plant fall-vegetables in your garden to provide freshness to the yard and a little bit of flavor in the kitchen.

Fall veggies include spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli rabe, peas, and so many more. Having fall vegetation to work on will keep you coming outside long into the fall and will make garden to table possible nearly year ‘round.

Create an Outdoor Room

While it can be beneficial to have something like an outdoor heater to keep your patio warm, Mother Nature can still interfere. Rain or early snow can put a damper on any outdoor plans that you may have had.

By having an outdoor room, you get the protection from the elements that you need to spend even more time outdoors in your backyard this autumn. You can install a pergola over top of your patio and fill it with a number of comfortable outdoor furnishings.

Getting away from it all can be as easy as stepping outside and settling in by the fire on your comfortable outdoor furnishings. Even better, if you have a screen porch, you can trick it out by installing a patio heater, soft lighting, and even full electric wiring so that you can watch television or organize large gatherings in the utmost of comfort and style.

Plant an Orchard

One way to make your entire backyard feel like a welcoming autumn space is to plant some fall bearing fruit trees in your backyard. Even better, it creates the possibility for further activities even when the temperatures start to drop.

Having the beauty of something like an apple orchard can allow for DIY juicing, ciders, and canning that can leave you with tons of food options and a fun harvesting opportunity. You can even share with neighbors if you have leftovers.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s face facts: one of the great things about being outdoors in the summer is the ability to grill. Instead of putting it away for the fall, why not upgrade your patio space to make it into an outdoor kitchen that can be used long into the autumn?

This will keep you cooking outside even if your outfit changes from shorts and a tee-shirt to a long sweatshirt and pants. The smells of autumn can definitely include barbeque, making it a great place to hang out with friends and family when the air turns crisp and the temperature drops.

The best thing about an outdoor kitchen is that you have a proper place to prepare and cook your food. Creating outdoor meals has never been easier.

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