Fish Emulsion Fertilizer and Nanking Cherries

This month has flown by, and life seems to be so very busy. It has been dreadfully hot and then there were torrential rains and humidity and all sorts of obligations. My garden talks are slowing down, and I am working steadily on finishing the calendar for my business. It will feature plants in containers.  Fortunately, I am starting to find some more time for my own garden, and the too-many cats like to watch me through the windows as I work.

Using Fish Emulsion to Grow Roses, Tomatoes and Vegetables

Ah, my garden. It looks like nature exploded all over it. I keep reminding myself to take it one step at a time and it will come together. The weeds seem to be on steroids this year and I cannot believe how many roses are blooming. Roses rise above the weeds like beacons of hope. Roses and tomatoes are the two plants that people seem to want to talk about at advice clinics. Fortunately, these plants respond well to the same treatment. Regular water and regular feeding. I like to use fish emulsion once a week on my roses and tomatoes and they respond very well. I use fish emulsion on all the vegetables that I grow as well as flowers. I find by using organic fertilizers and pest controls, I am not damaging the soil or the creatures around my plants. Nature always finds a way to take care of things.  Using fish emulsion once a week means my tomatoes do not get blossom end-rot.

Getting Juice from Nanking Cherries

It was a very rainy weekend, and we had an art show. On Sunday morning, I went to give the chickens their breakfast and grumbled to myself about the rain. And then I looked up and saw my Nanking cherry bush covered in red ripe cherries. I was so happy. I rushed indoors and grabbed a pot and picked a good four cups of cherries. I wanted to be sure to get some before the squirrels. It was pouring rain, I was soaked, and I was so very happy to have so many cherries. I went and finished my Sunday at the show with happy cherry thoughts. 

Cherry Blossoms Foretell Abundance

My Nanking Cherry bush was covered with blossoms this spring and was alive with pollinators. 

Abundant Nanking cherry blossoms on tree
So many blossoms and lots of bees!  The blossoms became green cherries.

I found that as the blossoms turned into the beginnings of fruit, they seemed to be staying green forever. 

Abundant red Nanking cherries on trees
  So many shiny red cherries!
About eight (8) cups of cherries in a colander, after picking.
I managed to pick eight cups of these cherries. 

Boiling Cherries for Juice

I boiled them with water and managed to get over three cups of juice in total. I will add water to get it up to four cups. Using the four cups of juice, I should be able to make a flavourful jelly. There are still more cherries on my tree, so I will continue picking. 

This evening after the heat, and the rain, there was a sweet stillness. I sat outside and let the soft breezes greet me. There were some bird calls and the occasional car going by, and as the day became night, tiny points of light appeared, and the fireflies danced. I now feel refreshed and ready to face the world. Enjoy your week. Judith 

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