Introduction To The Many Benefits of Gardening

There are many benefits to . You become in tune with nature. Teaching responsibility through the care of plants. And, there are many benefits also, to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s discuss them.

Gardening is an activity that is seen as pointless by some, and that is a shame. Some may think “Why do I need to garden? I can just buy food at a store, or go to a park if I want to see some flowers.”

Beyond a Green Thumb

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It’s Good for Your Overall Health

Gardening is good for burning calories, keeping your bones moving, and for lowering your blood pressure. When you garden, it’s often good , especially if you’re someone who doesn’t get as much exercise as they should. If you want to lower your health in a well-rounded fashion, pick gardening, or try using a beehive or dehydrator.

Gardening is Good for Community Health

Besides your physical health, a garden can be good for your community health as well. There have been quite a few experiments involving planting a garden in a vacant lot of a crime-ridden town. It seems like the amount of crime went down quite a bit as a result.

Perhaps it’s because of the calming nature of a garden, or giving the youth something to do, but it’s been proven that nature in a city can help improve the of a community quite a bit. If you have an impoverished community, one way you can help is to try to find a way to plant a garden in a vacant lot. Trust us on this one.

Gardening Means Healthy Food

Many of us are concerned with where our food comes from, and for a good reason. With so many pesticides and other unethical means of food production, it can be a challenge to keep track of where your food is coming from. Sometimes, the best option is to your own food. Not only that, but it just feels more rewarding eating a carrot or a from your own .

It’s A Good Family Bonding Activity

Not only can you garden, but you can teach your kids gardening too. Teaching your kids how to grow their own food is a valuable skill, and it gets them active. There are many fun ways to grow with your kids and teach them the value of gardening. For some ideas, click here or go here for more information.


Gardening is fun, and it’s good for you. If you’re someone who is gardening, there are many health benefits to it. Try gardening today and see what a difference it makes. You do not even have to start big; try a in your yard and then you can work up from there.


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