Ilex verticillata

Houx verticillé

The Winterberry is a species of holly and is best planted in Autumn. Although it loses its green leaves in Autumn, bright red berries will form in winter, creating a spectacular look. Other names: Black Alder, Coralberry

In nature Swampy woods and thickets, peat lands, edge of woods..

Caring for Winterberry

Requires one male tree per planting to produce berries on female trees. Easily transplanted. Will become chlorotic on high pH soils but will tolerate slightly basic soils. May be salt tolerant. Leaves turn black in the fall (hence the name Black-leaved Alder.)

It is happiest in Likes rich, well-drained soils but is suitable for moist soils such as along streams or ponds.

In terms of water, Winterberry needs Need for lots of water.