Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum

Érable argenté

The silver maple is very similar to the red maple. The difference is its leaves turn yellow or brown and not red, in autumn. Sometimes, the trunks are hollow which creates space for wildlife to live in. Other names: Soft Maple, White Maple, Plaine blanche, Plaine de France

In nature Riverbanks, lakeshores, wetlands, marshes..

Caring for Silver Maple

Plant at least 10 feet from sidewalks, driveways and foundation as the roots spread abundantly. Fast-growing tree. Flowers early in Spring. Prune branches to prevent ice damage. Not tolerant of high pH or soil compaction Moderate to high pollution tolerance.

It is happiest in Prefers deep, moist, acidic soil, but can grow in a variety of different soils.

In terms of water, Silver Maple needs Need for lots of water.