Barren Strawberry
Barren Strawberry has masses of beautiful yellow daisy flowers at the ends of the stems from early to late spring, which are most effective when planted in groupings. Its round compound leaves remain green in colour throughout the season. This is a high maintenance plant that will require regular care and upkeep, and should not...
Botanical Name: Waldstenia fragarioides
Nom Français: Waldsteine faux-fraisier


Bloom colour: Yellow
Blooms: Spring - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bees
Sun or Shade: Full Sun | Partial Sun
Plant Type: Ground Cover | Perennial
Height: Up to 1 foot (30 cms)
Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick
It grows well in hardiness zones: 4a


Open deciduous woods
Water requirement:


Consider applying a thick mulch around the root zone in both summer and winter to conserve soil moisture and protect it in exposed locations or colder microclimates.
Ground hugging and slow!


Spread: Up to 30 cm


Tends to Spread.
Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Neviusia alabamensis, Rhododendron periclymenoides, Viburnum acerifolium, Eurybia divaricata, Uvularia grandiflora, Geranium maculatum and Carex digitalis


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