Indoor Plants Are A Stress Buster?

Something as simple as an indoor plant can reduce this stress. Research has proven that simply being able to look at greenery will bring down stress levels… so really you can have them year round.
So, if you know a stressed out friend or are simply feeling the pressures of life yourself, buy them or yourself a beautiful plant! It will surely help you. Read more below…

Indoor Plants can Bust Workplace Tension!

Two-thirds of full- workers across the nation say they experience stress in the workplace. This according to a recent random sampling of 600 full-time workers at Accenture HR Services. Almost a quarter of the workers surveyed expressed that they have taken at least one day off in the past because of stress.

“Greening” as a Stress Buster

Having plants inside does not just affect the indoor . Researchers have discovered that “seeing” greenery can result in a demonstrable reduction in stress within five minutes. Why not add a watermelon peperomia, one of the varieties of birdnest snake plants or the reliable, sturdy jade plant to your desk and workspace.
Research in the Netherlands has shown that people who spend more than four hours a day working at a computer monitor feel better and are more productive with plants in the workplace!
So this Holiday season keep a plant at your desk, and maybe buy one for the Scrooge down the hall.

Also To Reduce Stress Try the Following:

  • Limit intake of , sugar and alcohol (stressors)
  • Stay close to your live green plants. They reduce systolic blood pressure within five seconds of exposure.
  • Increase your nutritional supplements.
  • Do at least 30 minutes of a day. A brisk walk out doors, workouts, swimming, yoga stretching, dancing, sports, Tai Chi etc.
  • Take up to reduce stress Doctor’s Orders!
  • Take several 5 minute centered breathing breaks a day. Try visualizations to soft music.
  • Scheduled pamper time. Massages, a facial, or hot bath.
  • Get extra and take naps whenever possible.

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