7 Decorative Ways To Display Plants In The Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with plants can at times be a challenge. For most of us, there is not lots of extra space for large plants and decorative planters. But the extra humidity of a bathroom can be a perfect location to dress things up. For some ideas on what plants...

21 Best Plants For Your Bathrooms

The type of plants you invest in should survive in low light, because many bathrooms have small windows. Some have no windows at all, or have windows that are smoked, tinted, or textured for added privacy. Your plants also need to safely withstand humidity. Here are 21 examples.

26 Plants that Clean Air

Yes, the environment friendly role of plants is known since ages, but nobody imagined the extent to which plants can purify the air inside your living space.

12 Houseplants for a Healthy Home

A few years ago I was talking to my sister about houseplants. It might sound like a strange topic of discussion, but it is something everyone should think about. She has a beautiful home that is filled with detailed decor, lovely furniture, and plastic plants. I asked...
26 Plants that Clean Air

26 Plants that Clean Air

For many years nobody considered the impact of plants as an indoor-purifier. Yes, the environment friendly role of...