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5 Tips To Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy

Share Tweet Share Here are the few tips for caring for houseplants:   Know your light – Most houseplants prefer an east, west or south window. Most houseplants can be…

Mad About Mangave

Well not quite but have spent some time recently potting up some of the ones we have…Mangave ‘Inkblot’We’ve only every grown Manfreda before with moderate success and two Mangaves, ‘Bloodspot’…

How To Grow and Care for the Adorable Pickle Plant

The pickle plant, delosperma echinatum, is a plump little gherkin shaped succulent. Come learn how to care and propagate the pickle plant!

My New Fave Winter Bloomer

The purpose of houseplants (in winter) is to ameliorate the effects of cabin fever. The best houseplants for this purpose grow fast enough that you can see changes from day…

The Attractive Peperomia Plant: Care and Propagation

The Peperomia is an easy care favourite houseplant, with attractive foliage which helps clean the air. Learn how to care and propagate.

How To Grow Succulent Plants Outdoors

Using succulents plants outdoors in flower borders, give a succession of bloom and provide a constant source of interest and pleasure.

How to Care for Succulent Plants in Your Home

Succulent plants are by far my favorite. More so than any animal or other green thing, I really enjoy care for succulent plants.

Analyze Your Home's Microclimate for Plants

In the microclimate of today’s modern home, houseplants can serve dual purposes – cleaning air plus adding beauty, color and life to a room.

7 Decorative Ways To Display Plants In The Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with plants can at times be a challenge. For most of us, there is not lots of extra space for large plants and decorative planters.But the extra humidity of a bathroom can be a perfect location to dress things up.

26 Plants that Clean and Purify Air

Among plants that clean and purify air by filtering gases such as formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia, toluene, and benzene, Florist’s Mum is best.

7 Awesome Reasons to Grow Succulents in Your Garden

Some plants are more resilient and can survive with little food and moisture. They are known as succulents, and they can grow in your garden.

Popular Houseplants for a Healthy Home

Here are twelve popular houseplants to add to your home and which are also plants which contribute to a healthy home. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.