Apartment Plants To Bring Nature Indoors.

Apartment plants are a great way to add some green to any space, and they’re not as hard to maintain as you might think. We’ve got some awesome options for those who live in apartments, dorms, or are just looking for something low-maintenance.

In our fast-paced society, who wants to take a lot of caring for plants, we all want houseplants which are easy to care for with little time investment. We want plants that fit our wash and rinse lifestyle, we want to leave home for a week, and the plants will still be alive when we walk in the door.

Five of the Best Indoor Apartment Plants:

  • Peace lily – SpathiphyllumPeace lily care is pretty easy and the plant handles lower light levels common to apartments. When Spathiphyllum gets is thirsty it tells you with drooping leaves. Spider plant care is pretty easy as well… their leaves droop when wanting a drink.
  • Soft succulents – These toughies require some indirect light, do well in small pots, store like a cactus and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Here’s an authoritative guide on succulents and small potted cactus for your small space.
  • or Philodendron – Most of the varieties grown for indoor use (Neon, Marble Queen, Jade, and Golden pothos), downward like an ivy. Lots of colors, although with lower light the colors will not be as vibrant, few problems and require limited quantities of water.
  • The ZZ plant can survive in just about any setting. They are slow growers and have little demands for water and light, a very unique plant.
  • – One of my favorite groups of plants. Lots of choices, many new Aglaonemas handle cold much better and tough!
  • Aspidistra – Also know as the tough cast iron plant. This tough as nails was a favorite in Victorian times along with the Kentia palm. Back then houses were anything but bright and airy – much like apartments! In the Southern United States, you can find Aspidistra growing completely carefree as a in dense, dark shade.

One note – The Peace lily, Pothos or Philodendron, ZZ plant and the Aglaonema all come from the Araceae family. Sorry that was six, not five choices in our picks for – best plants for an apartment. Now that you know which plants to look for – go get’em!

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