A Quick Growing Guide for Miterwort


Cbaile19, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Miterwort, Mitella diphylla, is the jewel of the spring shade garden. Plant close enough to a path that the small flowers can be enjoyed up close. Welcome mitewort to shady gardens, cottage gardens, woodland gardens, and naturalized areas.

This plant has a 20 to 45 cm long hairy stem. It bears two opposite leaves near the middle of the stem. There are other leaves, with long stalks, near the base of the plant. Its tiny flowers are only 3 or 4 mm across. Miterwort petals are delicately fringed and arranged in a long, terminal cluster. The fruit is a mitre-shaped capsule, giving the plant its name. It contains black seeds.

Quick Growing Guide

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Botanical Name: Mitella diphylla

Also Called: Bishop’s Cap, Twoleaf miterwort

En français: Mitrelle à deux feuilles



Sun / Shade:

In nature, you’ll find it in deciduous woods and borders.

a clump of miterwort in a shade forest

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