Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger

Botanical Name: Asarum canadensis

En Fran├žais: Gingembre sauvage, asaret du Canada

This plant has two hairy heart- or kidney-shaped leaves that are 10 to 18 cm long, growing directly from the rhizome. The rhizome is green and grows just at or immediately under the surface. The brownish-purple flower is hidden close to the ground at the base of the leaves.

Usually grown as a ground cover in shady areas. Woodland gardens, native plant gardens or naturalized areas. Also may be used for edging.

Other Characteristics

Pollinators: Butterflies

Sun/Shade: Partial Sun, Shade

Planting and Care Considerations

This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and should not require much pruning, except when necessary, such as to remove dieback.

Easily grown in average, medium to wet, well-drained soil, in part shade to full shade. Prefers constantly moist, acidic soils in heavy shade. Spreads slowly by rhizomes to form an attractive ground cover for shade areas.

trilliums, ferns, bellwort, trout lily, jack-in-the-pulpit and blue cohosh.

Spread: Up to 60 cm

Water: Moist

Best Soil: Loam, Sandy

Growth Habit: