Starry False Solomon’s Seal

Starry False Solomon’s Seal

Botanical Name: Smilacina stellata

En Français: Smilacine étoilée

Starry False Solomon’s Seal has attractive foilage, flowers, and berries. It is a mid size plant growing 20-50 cm tall (8”-20”). It forms a dense groundcover once established. The narrow, lance shaped leaves are 3-12 cm long (2”-5”) and arranged alternately in 2 rows along the stem.

Loose clusters of starry, white flowers appear at the tips of arching, leafy stems in June. They are followed by greenish berries with black stripes which ripen to dark red.

The berries are eaten by woodland songbirds, including various woodland thrushes and the Veery. These animals help to distribute the seeds.

Other Characteristics

Pollinators: Bees, Birds, Other

Sun/Shade: Shade

Planting and Care Considerations

Put mulch down such as woodchips or flax straw when planting to keep the weeds down until the plants fill the space. In autumn let the falling leaves remain on the plants to top up the mulch every year.

Native Ferns, Wild Ginger and other shade loving plants

Spread: Up to 60 cm

Water: Moist

Best Soil: 

Growth Habit: