Weeping Alaskan Cedar






One look at this beautiful tree and its easy to see why it’s a favorite with so many. With its conical form, straight trunk and long graceful branches adorned in pendulous sprays of aromatic foliage, the weeping Alaskan cedar makes a dramatic addition to any home garden. The texture of the flat-needled boughs is soft and wispy on branches that curve gently upward from a straight trunk.

Their tall, slender form makes them a smart choice for city gardens where space for trees is often at a premium. The softly pyramidal profile of this tree, along with its weeping habit, make it a striking specimen in any garden. This is an attention-grabbing tree, so place it in an open area where its beauty can be fully appreciated and where it can hold its own as the focal point of the garden.

During the growing season, small 1cm brown cones appear at the tips of the needles (primarily on mature trees). In garden settings, they tend to top out at around 20-30’ in height with a spread equal to half of that. This evergreen is hardy in zones 4A–8A.

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