7 Awesome Reasons to Grow Succulents in Your Garden

Some plants are more resilient and can survive with little food and moisture. They are known as succulents, and they can grow in your garden. They’re strong but beautiful and should find a place in your garden.

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What are succulents?

The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word “succus” which means juice. These plants have fleshy leaves, stems, and roots that can retain moisture. That’s how they got the name succulents.

These plants may grow in areas that have high temperatures and low rainfall such as the desert. Succulents can thrive on a limited supply of moisture. They survive on the mist or dew available in the desert.

Reasons to grow succulents in your garden

They don’t need a lot of water

That’s the specialty of succulents. They need less water to survive than other plants.

They have fleshy leaves, stems, and enlarged roots to store water. The waxy coating on their foliage prevents water from evaporating fast.

This means you can let the soil dry without having to water your succulents often.

They can survive your dry home conditions

Our houses can get quite dry during the winter.

The regular plants can suffer due to such dryness that can cause them to suffer or even die.

The succulents don’t have such a problem. They can grow comfortably in your house even in such a dry condition.

Succulents don’t need much food

Succulents are active in the spring and summer. They’re going to rest in the fall and are dormant in winter.

This is good because you don’t need to fertilize the succulents when they’re not active.

You just need to feed them about three or four times per year when they’re active. And they need just half the fertilizer you would provide for your other plants.

They’re great for making indoor gardens

Succulents work great with other plants in your garden. They have no issues growing together with them.

This means you can mix and match them with other plants to create a beautiful indoor garden.

The only thing you need to be careful are the plants you grow together with the succulents have the same needs.

This means they need the same amount of water, sunlight, and grow at a similar rate.

Succulents are ideal plants for your home

You can grow succulents in any part of your home without worries.

They can suit any place like bookshelves, windowsills, ceiling, floor, or corner of a room.

Some may grow large in the wild, but at home, they grow just to the size of the container they are placed in.

They work as art in your home

Succulents come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can get them in green, white, red, yellow, and other colors.

They have a unique shape, structure, and texture when compared to other plants. Their leaves and stems are distinct.

Keeping them in your house makes them appear as artwork and enhances the beauty of your home.

They grow like magic

You can always get succulents from the garden center or a neighbor. But once you have them it’s easy to propagate them into new plants.

You can use the cuttings from a stem or leaf to grow a new succulent.


I hope you’re convinced of how wonderful growing succulents in your garden can be.

The first step you need to take is to choose the succulents you want to grow in your garden.

There are many varieties available and you can pick the best based on your garden environment.

So get out there and get started.

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