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How to Prune Blueberries

To get a great crop of blueberries every year, one also has to prune the shrubs every winter. Not spring or fall, but during winter when the plant is dormant. Pruning is a little tricky in the beginning, but the video below from the University Of Maine explains clearly how to prune blueberries and why.

How to Dry Herbs

When talking about herbs, we’re referring to the leaves of certain plants that are usually green in color. Spices, on the other hand, are the flowers, fruit, seeds, bark and roots of tropical plants and  are typically more pungent than herbs.

Are You Ready To Plant?

Are you ready to plant? You can sow cool season crops directly in the ground as soon as the soil temperature is at or above 5ºC. If the soil is wet and muddy, you’ll want to wait a few days until things dry out.


How to Prune Tomato Plants

It’s simple…. You’ll get the greatest yield when you learn how to prune tomato plants. Growing tomatoes is somewhat akin to growing bonsai. It takes quite a bit of care and attention to train your plants and manipulate fruit production.

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Growing Tomatillos: How To Care, Grow And Use Tomatillos

The Tomatillo plant, an odd-looking distant tomato cousin and one of the essential ingredients in Mexican cuisine, especially recipes of green tomatillo salsa. These wild growing central American natives and member of the nightshade family are commonly found in local markets. Fresh tomatillos boast a sweet citrusy flavor.

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