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The Ultimate Guide Using Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is the compost used and generated during the process of growing mushrooms. As well as being suitable for fungi, it also makes an excellent organic compost for a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, and is perfect for plants which require a lot of water, as it retains moisture.

Rain Barrel Tips

Location, location, location -place your rain barrel near where the water will be used; whether it’s for washing the car and gardening tools, or watering the flower beds and the lawn.  Rain barrels should be placed on a solid, strong, level surface. 


7 Simple Solutions For Supercharging Your Garden Growth

Do you want a rich, vibrant garden? This super collection of five items can supercharge your soil and improve garden growth. The solution may be hiding in your kitchen! Discover how fish bones and egg shells invigorate your marigolds. Put those messy banana peels and epsom salt.

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DIY Garden Gifts: Seed Starting Kits

Using the kit is as easy as it looks  — simply fill each cell of the carton with seed starting mix, sprinkle 2-3 seeds per cell and spray with a water bottle. Place this in a warm, sunny spot in your home and keep moist. Once there’s no more threat of frost in the spring, cut the cells apart and place each one directly in the ground (egg carton and all).

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