Microgreens for Breakfast


Microgreens on a Shrimp platter, by Marianna via Pexels


Microgreens often start with two little leaves, and then they will get a couple more. This is the time that I clip them as microgreens and sprinkle them on my breakfast eggs.

Greetings fellow gardeners!!

I am hoping that we will be getting more snow soon. We need snow to add protection to our gardens. I am being very careful not to go slip sliding away on the icy landscape.

No Salty Snow on Plants

The lack of snow has removed a lot of protection from my roses and tender perennials. But now the snow has decided to come after all, and the protection is going to be back in place. I will be sure to move some of the snow off the walkways and onto my plants. If you use salt on your driveway or walkways do not put that snow on your plants. The salt can kill them. I don’t use any salt, just birdseed for traction.  A few bits of birdseed will not hurt my plants.

Snow covering and protecting my plants
  Protecting my tender plants

Fallen Manitoba Maple Seems to Bring LiFe

The neighbour’s Manitoba Maple split and fell, narrowly missing my back door. Fortunately, he came by and cut if up and took everything away. More reasons for me to get that battery-operated pruning chainsaw.  I peeked over the fence and watched the pile left by the maple. If was full of life. Chickadees were flicking about in it, squirrels scurried over the branches, and I could see many tracks leading into it and around it. This has me thinking that perhaps adding a pile of branches at the back of my property might be a worthwhile venture.

Seed Catalogs

Seed catalogues are starting to pile up and once again I am trying to practice restraint. Not an easy thing to do. Not only do I have all the wonderful choices in these seed catalogues, I also have many seeds that I have collected. 

Cultivating Microgreens for Breakfast

I would like to take some time in the next little while going through my personal seed collection so I can have an idea of what I need. In addition, I want to see if I have some seeds that I could use for microgreens. I always like those little green shoots around this time of year. You can try that as well. If you have opened packages of radishes, lettuce, mixed greens, or any kind of leafy vegetable, try planting some of those seeds in a wide, shallow tray filled with indoor potting soil. They usually sprout quickly. Instead of letting them grow on, watch to see when they get those two little leaves at the top and then they will get a couple more. This is the time that I clip them as microgreens and sprinkle them on my breakfast eggs.  I will be planting some this weekend and will show pictures as they grow.

I found it chilly last night and the too-many cats and I enjoyed the warmth of a crackling fire in the woodstove. It continues to snow now which means that my internet may shut down at any minute. The universe’s way of telling me to stop working and look at seed catalogues! Enjoy your week. Judith. (Email:  sghorticultural@gmail.com)  Veggie Bites are available at https://sghorticultural.wixsite.com/website or https://gardeningcalendar.ca/articles/veggie-bites/

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