Sweet White Violet

Viola blanda
Violette agréable
Native to Canada
From Newfoundland to Saskatchewan
Open mixed woods, clearings
Partial Sun
Clay, Loam, Sand, well drained
Less than 1 foot (27 cms or less)

Blooms in:

Spring - Zone 5

Bloom Colors:






Viola blanda, commonly known as sweet white violet, is a stoloniferous, stemless, low-growing perennial (1-5″ high) which features basal, heart-shaped leaves and fragrant, white flowers with strongly-reflexed upper petals and a purple-veined lower petal.

Sweet White Violets are perennial wildflowers native to the eastern United States and Canada. In the wild, they spread to form large carpets on the forest floor, with white flowers on single stalks emerging in spring. Deep green heart-shaped leaves persist throughout the summer.

Mass or group in shaded areas of rock gardens or border fronts. Shade gardens. Ground cover for small spaces. Leave undisturbed and allow it to spread in native plant gardens or naturalized areas.


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Care Checklist

Violets prefer damp, well-drained ground, and the sun-dappled protection of woodlands. A quintessential woodland flower, welcome in any garden, violets will spread through runners to create a charming ground cover if you treat them well.

More Information

Compared to the Canada Violet, Sweet White Violets have much smaller flowers and are slightly fragrant. The stem also has a more reddish hue.


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