Marsh Marigold

Caltha palustris
Populage des marais
Native to Canada
Stream and pond edges, marshes, meadows
Full Sun, Partial Sun
wet conditions, mucky soil
Up to 2 feet (70 cm)

Blooms in:

Spring - Zone 5

Bloom Colors:



Bees, Bumble bees



Marsh Marigold is an excellent choice for a water garden, a bog garden, along the verges of a pond or stream or to naturalize in low-lying areas.

Marsh marigold is one of the first signs of spring with its bright yellow flowers in wet soils. The flowers look like oversized buttercups and the stems branch, and they are limp and hollow. Upper stem leaves are smaller and stalkless.

Marsh Marigolds may be found growing just about anywhere there is water and sun.


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