Seeds and Bulbs

Summer Blooming Flower Ideas For Your Garden

For some color, texture, height and drama looking at adding some summer bulbs to your garden. Some can go in the ground, others need to be lifted and stored depending on location and others keeping them in pots or containers is a great way to “keep them.”
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Bulbs to Plant Now for Late Summer Color

Right about now, daffodils and tulips are in full bloom making even the simplest of streets beautiful. People are snatching up the blooms and putting them in vases and arrangements. And some are even heading into garden centers to get those flowers for their garden.
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DIY Garden Gifts: Seed Starting Kits

Using the kit is as easy as it looks  — simply fill each cell of the carton with seed starting mix, sprinkle 2-3 seeds per cell and spray with a water bottle. Place this in a warm, sunny spot in your home and keep moist. Once there’s no more threat of frost in the spring, cut the cells apart and place each one directly in the ground (egg carton and all).
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