Smooth Yellow Violet
This native violet is common in nearly all areas of central to eastern Canada and U.S. It also grows in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Habitats include moist to mesic deciduous woodlands, woodland borders, and thickets.
Botanical Name: Viola pensylvanica
Nom Français: Violette pubescente


Bloom colour: Yellow
Blooms: Spring - Zone 5
Pollinators: Bees | Butterflies
Sun or Shade: Partial Sun
Plant Type: Perennial
Height: Up to 1 foot (30 cms)
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, P.E.I
It grows well in hardiness zones:


Open mixed woods, borders
Water requirement: Medium


Low maintenance, groundcover perennial with buttery yellow petals blooming in early summer. The nectar from its flower attracts butterflies and bees.




Also known as Downy Yellow Violet, Hairy Violet and Yellow Violet.
Edible | Native to Canada

Styling and Use

Great companion with Trilliums


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