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Balsam Fir

Botanical Name: Abies balsamea

En français: Sapin baumier

Other names: Canada Balsam, Sapin blanc

It is widely used as a and for wreaths. It smells great! It’s a good specimen fir for the , and as an ornamental tree. However, it should not be planted in a Zone number higher than Zone 5. The pungent resin yields Canada balsam, used in the manufacture of varnish as well as an adhesive for mounting microscope slides. Snowshoe hares use the as cover.

Susceptible to spruce budworm. A favourite holiday tree.


Width: Bushy branches at bottom, thin out at top.

Water: Likes a lot of water


Best Soil: Tolerates a variety of soil types but does best in well-drained acidic soils with pH 5.0 – 6.0 and can survive in wetland conditions.

Its natural habitat: Forests, native to central and eastern Canada, northeastern United States.

Caring for Balsam Fir

Does best in cool areas; does not tolerate heat and is shade tolerant. Low pollution tolerance. Shallow root system makes it easy to transplant.

Companion plant suggestions include The Pinaceae (pine family) are trees or shrubs, including cedars, firs, hemlocks, larches, pines and spruces.



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