Alternate-leaf Dogwood

Cornus alternifolia

Cornouiller à feuilles alterne

  Maroon fall foliage; alternate leaves which is unusual for a dogwood.  The branches are distinctive tiered/layered horizontal creating a layered tiered look with upturned branches like a pagoda.  It has a fibrous, spreading root system and prefers when the root zone is kept cool.  Typically grows 15-25’ tall. It is native to both moist…

Also known as Pagoda Dogwood, Green Osier, Blue Dogwood Provides cover and nesting sites. Dry, bitter berries are winter food for birds and mammals. Larval food source for Summer Azure (Celastrina neglecta).

In nature Understory of deciduous forests, thickets, open woods, hillsides and ravine slopes, along streams..

It is happiest in Moderate Salt

In terms of water, Alternate-leaf Dogwood needs Low water requirement