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Weekly articles focused on the daily challenges of growing food – vegetables, fruit and herbs –  and flowers by Master Gardener Judith Cox.

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Rosehip Jelly Recipe and Uses

Here’s an easy to make Rosehip Jelly recipe, a tart, sweet jelly. There are many Rosehip uses and benefits, and very good for your health.

Red Malabar Spinach and Alyssum

To eat my Red Malabar spinach, I pull the leaves off the vine at staggered intervals and enjoy it in a salad or as a treat in a stir-fry.

On Saving Tomato Seeds and Using Hügelkultur

In saving tomato seeds for almost 5 decades, I learned that drying seeds on paper towel works, but it’s a hassle detaching the seeds.

How to Collect Tomato Seeds

Collect seeds from heritage or open-pollinated tomatoes. With seeds from hybrid tomatoes, there is no telling what tomato will come.

Cucumber Companion Plant and Canned Salsa

I like growing cosmos as a cucumber companion plant. The orange cosmos in particular I found seems to be a real bee magnet.

A Great Year for Growing Peppers

I am going to try to save the seeds from which to grow peppers. Probably best to buy more seeds, collect seeds as well and do a comparison.

Second Crops

Planting second crops of peas and beans and other vegetables at this time is well worth the effort. My fourth crop of lettuce is thriving.

Swiss Chard Recipe

In addition to salads, swiss chard is quite delicious as a warm side dish, and I am including a recipe for you to try.

Garden Refresh with Radishes

For my current experiment, I leave the radishes in the cells until they are ready to harvest. I chose smaller Cherry Belle and Easter Egg.

Cutting lettuce with scissors

I find the best way to harvest lettuce is to cut it as needed. The lettuce will continue to grow and can be cut at least two more times.

Tomatoes and Companion Plants

The marigolds, calendula and alyssum are planted as tomato companion plants. Marigolds attract beneficial insects.

Wild Parsnip Rash and Around the Vegetable Garden

I don’t like to cut or pull wild parsnip on a sunny day. It’s sap likes to splash, and I have scars from the rashes from the wild parsnip.

Recently Published

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