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How to Collect Tomato Seeds

Collect seeds from heritage or open-pollinated tomatoes. With seeds from hybrid tomatoes, there is no telling what tomato will come.

Cucumber Companion Plant and Canned Salsa

I like growing cosmos as a cucumber companion plant. The orange cosmos in particular I found seems to be a real bee magnet.

A Great Year for Growing Peppers

I am going to try to save the seeds from which to grow peppers. Probably best to buy more seeds, collect seeds as well and do a comparison.

Second Crops

Planting second crops of peas and beans and other vegetables at this time is well worth the effort. My fourth crop of lettuce is thriving.

Swiss Chard Recipe

In addition to salads, swiss chard is quite delicious as a warm side dish, and I am including a recipe for you to try.

Veggie Bites – Hybridized Tomato and Rhubarb

If you use a grocery store tomato for seeds, because it is a hybrid tomato you will not get the same tomato with which you started.

Veggie Bites – Partial Shade Planter

My partial shade planter is starting to grow. I put a cage in the center and then planted peas; they will climb up the cage.

Building a Home Vegetable Garden

An urban vegetable garden is becoming more popular, and with the right space and the right materials, it is easy to start your own.

Veggie Bites – Broccoli

I will try growing some radishes around my broccoli to distract the flea beetles; they love radish leaves. Greetings fellow gardeners, As I was doing my chores this morning, I…

Veggie Bites- Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts need to be grown in full sun and in rich soil. I will treat them as I treat my potted tomatoes daily watering.

Veggie Bites – Eggplants

Start your eggplant early and when it has filled its seed-starting container, transplant it into a two-gallon pot.

Veggie Bites – Peppers

If you wish to grow one of those big juicy red peppers and you have the seeds planted, just sitback, and watch it grow. is supported by its readers and advertisers. If you purchase through a link on this site, the site may earn a commission.

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