5 Creative Tips To Breathe Vibrancy Into Your Garden Room

A is the perfect way to add more space to a home and create an outdoor escape that you can enjoy whatever the weather. But it’s often easy for a garden room to just end up more like a shed for storing garden , or get a bit neglected. These creative tips will help you to breathe vibrancy into your garden room and create a space that’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining. 

Have fun with the decor

Because a garden room is separate from your home, it doesn’t have to match the style or decor in the rest of your rooms. It also doesn’t have a set purpose, so you don’t need the decor to be as practical or versatile as you might require in a or a

You can treat it as a blank canvas and decorate it exactly as you want. Go for bright, contrasting colours and lots of prints, or transform it into a calm haven with some bold accents. Create the room that you’ve always dreamed of and have fun decorating it. 

One of the best ways to breathe a new lease of life into your garden room is to add a feature wall. Simply updating one of the walls with a bold coat of paint or patterned wallpaper is going to make a big difference. Spend some time looking for a colour or wallpaper that suits you, and you can use this for inspiration. 

Make it a multi-purpose space 

Many garden rooms are designed to be a space to retreat and relax in, but if you’re not spending as much time in it as you’d like then rethink its purpose. 

Invest in an extendable table that you can use as a desk to make the garden room a home office. You can then pull the table out to turn it into a dining room for outdoor entertaining, even when the weather isn’t perfect. If you’ve got the space you could add your own mini garden bar, or even a small kitchen area to prepare food in.

By making your garden room multi-purpose you’ll have more reasons to spend time in and enjoy your garden.

Open up your garden room 

Your garden room should be bright and open so that you can enjoy your garden and relax in a space that’s full of natural light. Consider installing glass doors across so that you can maximize the light. Choose bi-fold doors and you’ll be able to completely open up the room when the weather is good. 

Alternatively, look into installing floor-to-ceiling windows as this can make the room just as bright, or you could add some skylights. If you’ve got a fairly small garden room or it’s overlooked by that block out the light, use mirrors and light furnishings to make it seem bigger and more open. 

Create a living roof

If your garden room sticks out, or you just want to make it a bit more wildlife-friendly, then you could add a living roof to it. You’ll need a slightly sloped roof, and it will take some work to make sure that the roof can fully support the extra weight. But it’s a great way to blend in with the rest of your garden, and with the right and flowers will attract birds, , and bees.

You can also bring the garden inside your garden room, add some big plants that thrive indoors to make the space more green. You could even or climbing plants up trellises inside the room. Adding in some plants will make your garden room feel more like part of the whole garden.

Add more lighting 

Use lighting to make your garden room more inviting in the evenings. You could add solar-powered lanterns around the outside and too light up the pathway to your garden room. Outdoor festoon lighting will also look good when it’s hung between trees or along the fencing around the garden room.

Inside add some fairy lights to create a warm glow that makes the space perfect for dinner or just relaxing. If you’ve gone for bright decor then add some colourful lanterns as well to add more interest.

These creative tips will help you to transform a neglected garden room into a vibrant space. Having a place to escape to in your garden will encourage you to spend more time , which can be great for your wellbeing.  

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