In-line rectangle 300×250

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In line rectangle ad suitable for side bars and in-post inserts.

  1. The ad is linked to your website or landing page
  2. Ad copy is normally an image, but contact us if you prefer another format.
  3. Before placing the ad, we would request a discussion with you for full clarity placement options, any targeting you require (for example, only show ad to people from specific geographic areas)

Process for “Name-Your-Price” ads:

  1. Name your price that you are willing to pay for your ad. Please use a price per 1000 impressions. 
  2. Fill in the number of ads (in ‘000s) you wish to purchase. Example: select quantity “10” for 10,000 ad impressions.
  3. Add to cart and complete your purchase.
  4. E-mail your ad image and any special instructions or wishes to JPG images are recommended
  5. Payment will only be processed once the ad is accepted.

We will follow the following rules:

  1. Name-your-price ads are competitive ads. They will be placed on a priority basis, highest bids first
  2. If your Name-your-price ad is not placed, we will give you a full refund